Day 2 in Belgium!

The second day of our lovely trip was really cold,so it was a little bit difficult to take these photos,but anyway,the beautiful sights and the boheme atmosphere were enough to make us forget about the unkind weather! The city we have visited is called Leuven! It is a small and lovely city,and we have really enjoyed visiting it!

About my outfit..I chose to wear this springish coat and the “mommy” jeans,and I felt very comfy in them! I can’t say the same about the oxfords I was wearing! They were feet killer,and after just a few hours,I couldn’t actually walk anymore..but they are so versatile and was worth it! 🙂


Love, L


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I was wearing:

Coat: H&M (New Collection)

Turtleneck: New Look

Mommy Jeans: Glow

Oxfords: Local Store

Bag: Primark

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